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Our security

At Merci So Much, our first concern is to ensure the security of your transactions:

  • We work closely with the international bank BNP Paribas to manage our payment system. Therefore your transactions are completely safe; no banking information passes through nor is stored on our website.
  • The Merci So Much website is HTTPS accredited. Information which passes through is encrypted and protected at any time.
  • All our payments are submitted to the 3D-Secure technology, which was developed  by Visa and MasterCard and is used by most European banks. Thus, when you contribute to a money collection on Merci So Much, your bank asks you to confirm your payment by entering a single code, which will be sent either by sms, or your birthdate. Therefore, you are guaranteed that you are the only one using your payment card. In the case of any trouble (lost, stolen or non-existent card), the transaction is immediately blocked.

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  • In addition, the money you have been collecting is stored in a dedicated bank account at BNP Paribas during your collection. Your money is safe at all times.

We do our very best to provide you with a high quality service in a fully controlled environment.