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Our promise

We’ve all had bad experiences organising a joint gift or event.

Most of the time, your friends don’t have cash with them, they don’t have the right amount, they live far away or they are busy. They often ask you to cover them for the time being, promising to pay you back when they see you at the event. However, they ‘forget’ and you end up wasting your time and energy awkwardly reminding them.

Start your Merci So Much collection and easily collect your friends’ contributions:

  1. You won’t have to cover others any more
  2. You know the real budget in advance
  3. You save valuable time
  4. You are more transparent and discreet
  5. You are carefree on the day of the event and can fully enjoy it with your friends.

Make life easier for yourself and gather special moments with Merci So Much!