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Why “Merci So Much”?

Why Merci So Much

Merci So Much refers to the thanks given to friends for their generous gifts, with ‘merci’ taken from the French for ‘thank you’.

We wanted our brand name to be melodic, fresh and fun! We also wanted to use ‘merci’ – a French word known by people all around the world – as a nod to France, where the adventure started.

The megaphone on our logo represents getting all your friends together and thanking them collectively (‘merci!’) for their thoughtful gift! For the finishing touch, we added a few stripes (which we love) to the logo, a timeless pattern from French fashion.

Lastly, we mulled over lots of different ideas for our slogan, until we had thought: what matters most is sharing moments with the ones you love. That thought led us to: ‘Gather special moments!’ – short but sweet.

And ‘Voilà’, that’s our story! Feel free to share this article; we’d love it if you did!